City District 35 public toilets free of charge

on the road there is a free public toilets, and morning exercises are more convenient, convenient for the public, of course, we are happy." 65 year old Ma said the new public toilets on the road, happily told reporters. March 14th, the reporter learned from the Urban District Urban Management Bureau, from the beginning of 2013, the city in accordance with the requirements of the city, to increase the intensity of public toilets, distributed in the city’s 35 free public toilets, to meet the needs of the public.

Mr. Ma 65 year old people doing morning exercises have 8 years time, when the early morning encounter the "urgent" situation made him feel very embarrassed. Recently, he was surprised that the roadside a new environmentally friendly free public toilets to the surrounding residents to bring convenience. "Before the morning because the urgency and often running around, very embarrassed, now, many public toilets, more convenient." In the interview, the reporter learned that the public have more or less have such feelings, go out, shopping, shopping, walking, playing process, it is inevitable to encounter the toilet to use the time to hate less.

"urban public toilets too little, sometimes" anxious "is to find a toilet in the supermarket or the toilet" emergency "unit. Don’t worry about it now." In the Mo street market to buy food Aunt Wang told reporters, did not expect to have a clean public toilets in the vicinity of the market to open to the public free of charge. Reporters saw, not only the appearance of a beautiful new toilet, which is also very clean, in addition to a sink, as well as someone on duty cleaning.

reporter found in the urban areas of this clean and tidy, special management of public toilets free of charge 10. Reporters learned that the current management of free public toilets in the city has 35, this year will build a public toilet 17, after the completion of all free open.


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