About 50000000 financial support for agriculture bills

  this year, the Municipal Finance Bureau to improve agricultural funding arrangements for scientific, reasonable and effective as the goal, to enhance awareness and perfecting the supervision mechanism for the idea of the masses, continuous innovation of financial supervision, to promote the sunshine finance construction, focus on the use of the public to the society of Agriculture related funding arrangements it will take the initiative to about 50000000 agricultural finance bills "sun" in the sun. It is reported that,   in 2014 the municipal government has arranged the agricultural special funds of 195 million 500 thousand yuan, an increase of 50 million 800 thousand yuan, an increase of 35.1%, in addition to the village public welfare thing financial awards complement funds, financial funds, agricultural development projects, special for the publicity of the Bureau of Finance website, from the beginning of this year the Municipal Finance Bureau, the municipal key projects set up information disclosure column in the "Xining Evening News", adhere to the initiative to open, timely disclosure relates to "village service center of vegetable basket project, construction, farms, livestock shed, agricultural industry, forest industry, farming and construction of professional cooperative organizations of farmers and herdsmen in large city the construction of key projects arrangements for the use of funds are open to the community, the annual total of all kinds of public information 11, involving 51 million 70 thousand yuan of funds, accounting for municipal agricultural branch Gold 26.12%. In public funds information at the same time, public supervision and reporting telephone, voluntarily accept the supervision of the community, for the masses of the project jointly with the competent department of the on-site survey, visited the surrounding farmers, to the satisfaction of the masses reply.  

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