A city of Western supervision will be ruthless

recently, the west area of a city leading group office training working group meeting stressed: supervision to break the sensibilities, comment to sore, to dare the real thing, the results to the briefing, governor true reality check, and a reputation, and find out the truth, reflect the results. To strengthen the work to create a national civilized city organization, coordination, guidance and supervision, to ensure that a city work promote the west area of a city, according to a crucial need, set up 9 working groups, are responsible for the supervision of a city comprehensive coordination, city environment, volunteer service, window service, social culture and other key work the.

to enable all members of the working group to accurately grasp the "national civilized city evaluation system", "national civilized city", "national assessment index system of Ideological and moral construction of minors work evaluation system" and "volunteer service" to create a standard evaluation system of the city, the meeting invited a city about Zhou Hui and Chen Weilong in the new a city office of the leading group members of the working group of the "pre" training. The meeting made clear the basis of supervision, functions, emphasizing the work discipline. The working group will be based on the needs of the stage, held a regular meeting of supervision work, analysis of the problem, put forward countermeasures, the exercise of supervision functions. The buck passing, slow and problematic departments and units will be promptly informed criticism and ordered rectification, the rectification of work carried out ineffective responsibility accountability effectiveness is not obvious. (author: Xi Tao)


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