Embrace the development of Qinghai film and television industry in the spring

In August 25th, the newspaper and the salt Village Community jointly organized a neighborhood Festival sixth "huaweimei transfer LinLiQing" theme activities, as the last event newspaper neighborhood Festival, the scene bursting with popularity, residents with action to support the neighborhood Festival theme activities.

"to give me a hand." At this time, home building area salt Zhuang area old man Xue Aiqin was struggling to hold two pots of henna flowers came slowly, in the neighborhood and community staff’s help, she carefully put the flower in the specified position, insert the number card, sigh. "I get up in the morning the first thing is to take care of potted plant, finish rushed over." I heard that the city newspaper and community jointly organized flower show, Wang Fanghui and his neighbors came specially to join the fun. She said, in order to bring their favorite flowers for exhibitors, she also specially dressed a potted flower.

in less than an hour’s time, residents will continue to send flowers. The flower is small, with the hand hold; the flower is big, specially let the family send together, very lively. "So many flowers, which is the most popular flowers?" "I think that happy orchid and roses are good." During the visit, the residents have talked about what flower can get the "most popular flower" title, then, the community staff let the residents as the best flower in your own mind to vote, to the flower show fair results. Finally, after the owner carefully manicured with luxuriant foliage, take care of the Begonia won the "most popular flower" title, the flower master Miao Yongfeng learned that their own carefully cultivated Begonia most popular, grinning. Miao Yongfeng usually like to get some flowers and plants, this time she will go to the nest every day in front of the courtyard in the sun, Begonia flower is very long, red flowers from March has been opened to the present.

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