Our province invested 3 billion 120 million yuan to set off a new wave of water conservancy construc

this year, the province’s water sector to invest, advance, work measures three in place, a strong impetus to the implementation of the annual investment plan. As of early April, the province has implemented water conservancy investment 3 billion 120 million yuan, has cited national economy to promote the water diversion canal etc. Huangshui water supply is a major project and provincial key water conservancy project construction of fixed assets, to achieve a "good start" in 13th Five-Year the construction of water conservancy.

since the beginning of this year, our province water conservancy departments to actively expand financing channels, focus on promoting the yindajihuang 9 major national water conservancy construction of water supply and the progress of the preparatory work, which plays an important role in ensuring the safety of water supply, promoting coordinated regional development, stimulating the effective investment demand, and promote stable economic growth. At present, the North Canal, water diversion, storage period of a gorge, the the Yellow River River flood control project 4 project is under construction, large-scale irrigation efficiency projects, large-scale rebuilding and water-saving project is to carry out the preparatory work before the start. Yindajihuang West trunk, the north channel two and Nalinggele river water conservancy 3 major national water supply for construction project will start in the year. In particular, water diversion canal project builders insist winter construction work uninterrupted, has completed the import and export of 5.25 km tunnel backfill grouting, bolt hole plugging and segment pointing in 3.8 kilometers, to ensure that the full year built water diversion canal project laid the foundation.

according to the provincial water resources department responsible person, in our province this year, investment in fixed assets of the provincial key water conservancy projects have started construction in 2015 6 class 13, carry forward the project opened in 155, to carry out preparatory work for the 14 provincial-level key water conservancy projects and 60, 171 project preparatory work. With the construction of the golden period of the season, a number of key water sources, drinking water safety, strengthen the promotion of river, water conservancy, soil and water conservation, water conservancy project construction will be under construction, quickly set off a new upsurge of water conservancy construction.

it is understood that in 2016 the province will invest all kinds of water conservancy funds more than 7 billion yuan, completed two preparatory work, North West trunk, Nalinggele River Water Conservancy Key Project of water supply and construction, the full implementation of safe drinking water projects, and promote and consolidate and improve the construction of water conservancy projects such as surface, new efficient water-saving irrigation area 120 thousand acres, soil erosion area of 200 square kilometers, to ensure that major water conservancy project annual central investment plan completion rate reached more than 90%, rate of more than 80% other water conservancy projects.


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