Accelerate the construction of high speed airport landscape

Xining is committed to the airport expressway (Xining section) to become the first image of the spindle, portal and landscape corridor, the current airport high speed (Xining section) along the environmental remediation work carried out smoothly. Some of the northern city of Temple Temple village land has been transferred to the Municipal Forestry Bureau, green work began.

According to

reports, Si Tai Zi Cun land is the airport expressway environmental remediation plots of Chaoyang power plant is located in the north gate, is important part of Beishan scenic green rain, for a long time, as the stockyards used, not only often cause the surrounding traffic congestion, but also affect the overall landscape environment amidst the scenic mountain. According to the airport expressway (Xining section) along the implementation of environmental remediation program requirements, the North District Construction Bureau to clean up the land after the deposit, the transfer to the city forestry bureau for greening.

City Forestry Bureau has organized the construction approach, in accordance with the planning and design, landscape construction will be on this site, is to carry out preparatory work for earthwork backfill soil preparation, afforestation, is about to begin a large-scale planting and landscape configuration, the efforts to build a land amidst the beautiful environment of the entrance area of Beishan the scenic landscape area, the overall landscape and the airport expressway along the green landscape, to ensure the overall greening construction of airport high speed the progress of work, to create a green ecological city high-speed corridor. In addition to the greening of the land, the Forestry Department of replanting replanting of the isolation network part of the highway within the creek, in order to create a good landscape effect. (author: small words)

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