Our province in 13th Five Year to 450 thousand hectares of desert

6 17 is the world day to combat desertification and drought. The reporter learned from the provincial forestry department held the theme of the campaign to combat desertification, "13th Five-Year" period, our province give priority to protection, scientific management and appropriate use of the principle of ecological protection efforts, and promote projects, project management, and strive to create a new situation of anti sand control, make a contribution to the ecological civilization in our province in advance area construction. Our province and strive to 2020, the completion of 450 thousand acres of desertified land management area, and strive to build a total of one million mu of land, 5 acres of land, 20 acres of sand control base of 1.

with over sand strong faith and tenacity, crop after people in our province continue to struggle, we will work to achieve better results, on the whole from the sand into the back "to" people back into the sand, cut from the extended to the historic change. 12th Five-Year five years, the province has completed a total investment of 911 million yuan of sand and sand, is the 11th Five-Year of the times of the year, the completion of the area of 435 thousand and 800 hectares of land, is the "11th Five-Year" of the times, to achieve the objectives and tasks of the year of 109%, the amount of investment is as high as $2.1. Desertified land area decreased by 57 thousand hectares, with an annual reduction of 11 thousand and 400 hectares of land area; desertification reduced 51 thousand hectares, with an annual reduction of 10 thousand and 200 hectares; according to the fifth desertification and sandy land monitoring, the area of desertification and desertification area showed a "double down" situation, the Qaidam Basin, Sanjiang source area of desertified land area decreased generally, desertification to reduce the degree of desertification degree; Gonghe basin, Qinghai Lake area sustained reversal.

2016 years to further expand the scale of sand control, consolidate the results of desertification prevention. The implementation of "Qinghai province desertification planning (2011-2020)", adhere to the prevention, scientific management and reasonable utilization policy, in order to focus on the area, population concentrated area and special ecological function areas, according to local conditions, because of calamity, key projects and common protection combination, combining biological and engineering measures. To speed up the construction of grass and shrub, with a combination of mesh, point line surface fixing system, promote the ecological, economic and social coordinated development. To strengthen the control of scientific and technological innovation, strengthen the county of Dulan, Guinan County, Haiyan County, Golmud City, Gonghe County 5 desertification comprehensive demonstration area construction. Expand the development of sand and sand industry ideas, boost the sustainable and healthy development of the sand industry. In the implementation of Golmud City, 8 National Qaidam desertified land ban based protection pilot construction area, the new wooden beach, Guinan County, Tianjun County, lake, cold lake 3 National desertification sealed conservation areas, the implementation of the sealed conservation. We will steadily push forward the construction of desert parks in 8 countries, and make rational use of the resources of desert areas to control desertification. At the same time, pay close attention to the preparation of the completion of Golmud City, Delingha City, the Red Sea, tora sandbags, cold lake Yadan 3 National Desert Park planning.


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