Click on the highlights of the Xining trade union people’s livelihood

in recent years, Xining City, the trade unions at all levels focus on the overall economic and social development in Xining, the theme of scientific development, earnestly fulfill the basic responsibilities, always helping poor workers, safeguard the rights and interests of workers as to maintain stability and promote the harmonious event, to assist the party and the government to solve the practical difficulties of the masses of workers to play an important role. Always adhere to the protection of the rights and interests of workers throughout the reform, promote development, and actively participate in the whole process of helping to build a new socialist harmonious and stable labor relations laid a solid foundation. It has always been an important task to strengthen the construction of trade union organizations as the basis of consolidating the party’s class foundation and expanding the mass foundation of the party, which paved the way for the better development of the trade union work in the 12th Five-Year. Strengthen the construction of corporate culture as a guide for enterprises to form a common values, enhance the cohesion of the carrier, to enrich the cultural life of workers, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of workers to make a positive contribution. Under the guidance of the spirit of the eighteen, the City Federation of trade unions will pay more attention to the livelihood of the people, contact workers, service grassroots, and strive to create a new situation in the work of trade unions!

employee library

promotes corporate culture

eighteen report proposed to push forward the construction of socialist cultural power. In order to build cultural construction enterprises in our city boutique, to build a harmonious labor relations, and earnestly safeguard the cultural rights and interests of workers, trade unions to strengthen the "staff house" construction unit guidance and services to the grassroots enterprises, industrial parks, communities, the relative concentration of migrant workers for the construction of key project site, to front-line workers as the service object in 2012, 36, the new library of workers, including the National Library of workers 1, 10 provincial library of workers, municipal workers house 25. Actively build a platform for cultural workers, qualified enterprises in the construction of cultural positions demonstration point, to promote the establishment and improvement of enterprise culture construction mechanism. To strengthen the psychological counseling and humanistic care, psychological counseling seminars held in 4 parks, 40 enterprises to participate in the work of the staff of 968, effectively strengthen the ability of self adjustment. We will actively carry out publicity and education activities with various themes and diverse forms, and enrich and promote the spiritual and cultural life of the masses of workers and staff members.

wage negotiation

talked about a harmonious win-win

eighteen Party pointed out that we should deepen the reform of the income distribution system, and strive to achieve;

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