North for 38 rural bridges physical examination

in order to fully understand and grasp the status quo of rural bridge technical services, strengthen the management of rural road and bridge, and continuously improve the safety level of rural road and bridge. Even on the north of the city, district construction bureau according to the city Department of transportation to work arrangements, garden village, District 38 seat double Su Bao Cun rural bridge in the census.
the census, the North District Construction Bureau specially invited authorities have bridge test qualification basic parameters of the rural area of bridge in detail measurement, data acquisition, recording and photographing, checked on each bridge deck system, bearing, upper load-bearing structure, bridge pier and abutment, foundation and so on. Technical condition of current bridge of the census. According to the results of the bridge detection, the north of the city area for the 33 rural bridge installation of the bridge load limit of 66, to ensure the safe operation of rural bridges.

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