How much do you need to join the

for some low-cost investors, the choice of food and beverage to join the project when the price tends to small projects to join. Snack brands most of the small and medium-sized projects, naturally become more favored investors in the field of investment. How much does it cost to open a snack bar? If you open a restaurant snack basically selling hot dogs, selling tea, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles…… Only takeaway packaged, eat is not enough, because these ten square table are not enough, so choose a good address takeaway stalls shop is very good! Passenger Kyrgyzstan + 30 thousand shop completely more than sufficient


Ji Ke Shi yogurt to store operating only 5 square meters, no store only business flow whenever and wherever possible EMU million yuan, high profit energy-saving, good taste, variety, sales of thousands! 5 to 10 square meters of shops opened a snack shop 30 thousand


* Kyrgyzstan guest scholar Mini store: 19800 yuan

* Kyrgyzstan passenger boutique: 23800 yuan


* + standard passenger Kyrgyzstan stores: 29800 yuan

* Kyrgyzstan passenger luxury store: 38800 yuan


* Kyrgyzstan guest scholar flagship store: 59800 yuan.

5 to 10 square meters of shops opened a snack shop 30 thousand enough? Passenger Kyrgyzstan scholar yogurt to join, low investment, low risk, 19800 yuan of small business, 5 shop mode, 7 shop advantage, full support, entrepreneurial gold project! Passenger Kyrgyzstan scholar yogurt to join 100% without additives, the entire store copy output, success, wealth does not make


Ji Ke yogurt bar, a subsidiary of Kyrgyzstan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., which is a research and development, store management, brand operation as one of the food science and technology enterprises. "Now make and sell, the natural quality of yogurt" theme of homeopathy and health, "Handmade, green and healthy characteristics of consumers to buy taste, popular in the wind as poly! Beijing passenger Kyrgyzstan Shi yogurt category complete variety, only domestic high-quality


if you are interested in joining the yogurt bar, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you when you see the message.

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