Hu Changsheng in the provincial organization department two a learning education lectures report mee

7 29, the Provincial Standing Committee of Ministers of the organization Hu Changsheng for all members of the Organization Department of provincial Party Committee organ "two a" learning education lectures report.

Hu Changsheng pointed out that in the organization department and carry out the "two a" learning education, an important content, is the construction of organizational culture, tree uplifting group spirit. He stressed that the absolute loyalty is a group spirit of the "soul" absolute loyalty from the firm belief, ideological purity, the behavior of honest, group work cadre should carries the most loyalty, casting the soul of the party with a loyal heart; justice is the spirit of the "core" group, is the organization of work "lifeline", DNA is the cadres, cadres to keep the justice of the heart, the practice of decent trip, in ethics norm; dedication is the spirit of the group as "this", is a noble sentiment, valuing feelings, good habits, cadres to full of passion, continuous improvement self, to play and dedication the organizational departments and cadres become recognized identity; pragmatic innovation is the spirit of the group "source" to cadres seeking truth from facts and keeping pace with the times, around the provincial Party committee of the overall situation, bitter Do hard work and smart, in order to make the Qinghai work to a new level.

Hu Changsheng, every cadres have sixteen word group in the spirit of heart, in the line outside the practice, for the construction of the harmonious beauty of Qinghai, a new color, create new performance of the cadres and the masses satisfied.


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