Mancheng spring summer April

April in Xining, the deepest impression is everywhere, street garden square, bright red blossoms and green willows, clusters of red, yellow and purple flowers the whole city with willow in the spring at Spring is in the air., graceful and elegant, let Xining people intoxicated, not to sigh, "spring is coming!"

many people come to Xining for the first time, imagine Xining is desolate, but this city before they do not have a spring. Today’s green and beautiful, is the result of efforts of generations of people in Xining. Xining Municipal Gardens Bureau of the relevant technical personnel, through decades of efforts, Xining city made great achievements, at present only flower planting cloves reached tens of millions of lines. This spring, in order to consolidate the achievements in greening construction, roads, parks, gardens and green street to carry out a comprehensive replanting replanting work. As of now, have been replanted with clove, forsythia, flowering plum, Prunus cistena, Jin Yeyu trees nearly two hundred thousand plants, significantly enhance the city green landscape.

2008, Xining successfully created the national forest city circle, in 2010 and was awarded the honorary title of national model green city, which created a huge advance in Xining city greening, city green quantity increased significantly. Statistics show that by the end of 2012, the green coverage rate of Xining has reached 37.63%, green rate of up to 36.67%; per capita green area of up to 10 square meters. Now, the Xining municipal Party committee and government put forward the next work goal – "12th Five-Year" at the end of the successful establishment of a national forest city, so that Xining has become a green, ecological, environmental protection, livable Pearl city. (author: Haidong)

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