National Publishing House hosted the World Book Day masterpiece reading

Lang read aloud, bursts of scholarly. On the afternoon of April 22nd, Qinghai Normal University. On the eve of the twenty-first world reading day, in order to create a national reading, scholarly Qinghai, a strong atmosphere, leading college students happy reading, reading the charm of reading. Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House and Qinghai Normal University jointly organized a "reading to make life better" as the theme of the book masterpiece reading.

Carry out

reading is Qinghai national press "the value concept of honour" to read "people to read for fun" way of life, to promote the province’s national reading activities to develop in depth, a new attempt to extend the campus, to attract more people to participate in. Read the contents in the Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House published over the years, Chinese and Tibetan fine books mainly focus on effective combination of language, style and form of ideological content in reading the article on the selection, ensure the catchy language easy to read, to let everyone taste in classical chanting, absorb cultural nutrition, feel the joy of reading. ()


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