Data show that the first three quarters of Xining’s GDP growth rate higher than the national level

from the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics data show that from January to September, Xining GDP of 34 billion 712 million yuan, an increase of 11.9%, the growth rate 3 percentage points higher than the province, the country and 4.2 percentage points. Xining’s economy continued to stabilize and rebound.

overall, from January to September, Xining City, actively implement the central government to expand domestic demand and maintain stable and rapid growth of the national economy package plan to cope with the financial crisis, the agricultural economy, industrial economy monthly rise, rapid growth in fixed asset investment, consumption market, prices rose steadily, expand the scale of financial credit, fiscal revenue growth to increase the income of urban and rural residents.

from the industry’s contribution to GDP and pulling point of view, the contribution rate of the second industry to GDP larger, stimulating economic growth of 6.38%. Since this year, Xining city continue to increase the industry, real estate development and investment in infrastructure, adjust and guide the investment of funds, the fixed assets investment in Xining to achieve sustained, steady and rapid growth, the first three quarters of investment growth in more than 35%.


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