Financial experts talk about investment and financing

In order to promote the reform and innovation of investment and financing of Xining City, according to the municipal government and the city will contact the organizing committee, September 16th, City Finance Office held the "investment and financing reform and innovation" seminar, the relevant departments of the municipal government, four counties and three districts, each park enterprises responsible person and more than 120 participants.

, respectively by Qu Guohui, President of Kyushu securities in the pilot city BRIC fund government investment department general manager Xu Liying speaker. Qu Guohui to "promote Kyushu securities across the development, support Xining create" The Belt and Road "is an important node in the city" in the title, according to the national policy of "The Belt and Road construction to Xining brought the opportunity of development, he also said Kyushu as a fully licensed securities company, will provide a full range of support for the government at all levels, Xining enterprise; Xu Liying focus on government funds for construction investment management under the new situation of the project, fund management, government investment funds the government guide fund and suggestions on project investment efficiency of the proposed operation.

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