How to build a modern coastal port group in Fujian

Fujian as a coastal city, due to the superior geographical position, these years have been significantly developed, the local economic level and people’s living standards have been significantly improved. However, how to further play the advantages of modern coastal ports, is also a very important issue. By 2020, Fujian coastal port throughput reached 7 tons, the container throughput of 16 million TEUs, have a great increase in the port status in the system. This is the official "development" in 13th Five-Year Fujian port group goals.

Fujian Provincial Department of transportation said on the 7, the next 5 years, Fujian will give full play to the advantages of the port shoreline resources, promote the development of the port classification differences, form a rational layout, complete functions, service quality, safe and efficient modern coastal ports, the construction of a modern integrated transport hub in southeast coastal areas.

Fujian is located in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta, Taiwan area and the mainland with the Department, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, the unique geographical location; resources along the coastline along the coast is rich, the total size of 125 harbor, tonnage berths can be built deepwater coastline of 210.9 kilometers, including deep shoreline Sanduao, Luoyuan Bay. Can be built 20-50 million ton super large berth length of 47 kilometers, and the deep-water shoreline length of shoreline twists and turns rate ranking first in the country.

in particular, with the railway network, the highway network, collecting and distributing system of continuous improvement, Jiangxi longxia, Xiangpu, Fuzhou railway and Shen Fu, silver, Xiamen Chengdu, Stephen south highway have been built, a modern comprehensive transportation network three-dimensional, all-round and multi-level preliminary formation, Fujian in recent years. In the mountains and coastal ports and transport channels in central and western provinces with a strong expansion in the development of the hinterland of the port, the port of rapid economic development.

statistics show that Fujian province has built 162 ton berths, port cargo throughput and container throughput in 2015 reached 5.03 tons and 13 million 637 thousand TEUs respectively.

but in the rapid development of the port economy in Fujian is still facing many constraints: between regions, between the sea, between the towns of co-ordination is not enough, the space structure and industrial layout is unreasonable, there is a conflict between the coastal protection and development functions, the phenomenon of repeated construction of port infrastructure and industrial projects more prominent.

in this regard, the official introduction of Fujian, Fujian coastal zone protection and utilization planning (2016-2020), to further clarify the positioning of the port construction objectives, spatial layout, key tasks.

Fujian provincial development and Reform Commission responsible person pointed out, will focus on the construction of Xiamen southeast international shipping center, to further optimize the integration of port resources, accelerate key nuclear recommendation

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