Everyone for me set up a community for everyone Xining Cold Lake Community

January 18th, Cold Lake Road community of Xining established cooperatives, cooperatives to everyone for me, I was all for the purpose of service, through the mobilization of social service force, the integration of community service resources, organize the community residents to carry out voluntary donation and to provide services, and promote harmonious community construction.

mutual aid agency has just been established, there are people to sign up, they will be through the sewer, there will repair electrical…… Master Wang and said: "I have nothing to do physical work skills, no problem!" More than one or two residents of the grandson of the clothes, shoes to get the community, the child grow fast, these clothes have been worn out, only through the second to see who needs to take a good." Older people are willing to work for the dual family care for children, young people can work for the elderly…… Community residents interested in providing services to the neighborhood, according to their expertise and service content, can be registered in the community.

it is understood that the main work of cooperatives is carried out for the elderly and children, the disabled, community residents object difficult crowd services; cultivate and develop community volunteers, guide and launch community members volunteer service and mutual aid services; organize all kinds of face to all the community residents to benefit the public service activities of the organization to carry out regional small; unit, family and community residents to participate in the enhancement of the residents of the community identity and sense of belonging.


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