Fine livelihood of the people play a good voice in the well being of the Central District one of t

A popular urban district government adhere to the annual commitment for the tangible things, for many years the implementation of livelihood projects, to do practical work, continuously improve people’s livelihood, this year is the new financial 90% into the people’s livelihood!

a new way out: "pragmatic innovation" as the theme, change the style of poly people, focus project, to improve people’s livelihood, this year the city area to solve the livelihood problems into bigger, more and more wide range of improvement…… Repeated work record livelihood!

is a concept change history: promote the urban district people’s livelihood and other key work with project ideas, the refinement of the means of implementation, the people’s livelihood highlights Lianliankan, happiness project one by one number, a "education, employment, pension, housing" map of happiness, fresh baked in the city area!

"small things" refraction "big people’s livelihood", "little things" show "big environment". Concerned about the livelihood of the people and improve people’s livelihood, not just a few words on the words can be achieved, must be implemented in each specific livelihood of the small things. This year, the District Committee and the district government to adhere to the achievements in the development of higher priority more for the people’s livelihood, aimed at the masses think and hope, from the start to solve the people most concerned about, the most direct and realistic "1 things", to give people happiness.

to build a new chapter of the home of the old village of Yao Chen recorded

[site] at noon on October 13th, the warm sunshine sprinkled in the city district, the main town of the village has begun to take shape in the village. A row of uniform style, uniform color of the house, was divided into several rows of hardened roads, each household white walls, flat floor tiles, neat huxing…… A clean, beautiful, folk music, people and the new rural picture come into view.

Chen Jia Yao village the whole village poverty alleviation project relocation is a key city district military enterprises build a model village work. In order to thoroughly improve the Chen Jia Yao village living environment, general town Party committee and government high standards of planning, construction of a high starting point, bold innovation, transformation of old and dilapidated houses in rural areas and rural integration incentive housing, road hardening, construction of village activities, village health room construction and many other projects, focus on bundled funds, for the construction of the villagers a number of supporting infrastructure. Today, Chen kiln village, living, medical, village office, access and other functions complete.

in addition to the whole village Chen Jia Yao village poverty alleviation relocation project, the total this year by the government Zhaizhen enterprises build demonstration village, on the West high speed along the village, Xin’an Xie Zhuang Cun, Star Village, Wang Bin village, Zhang Jia Zhuang Cun Yuan Bao Zi Cun,, Xiangtang village seven village, into the the door, wall brick, wall renovation for whitewash, Kang transformation portal village appearance renovation activities.

this year, Chengzhong district to military enterprises build a model village activities as an opportunity to push forward a new round of "grassroots organizations" and "chuangxianzhengyou" activities, to enhance the level of rural work in city area, the total;

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