2013 six provincial capital the most talked about topic air quality of the road before the reform o

2013, you are most concerned about what is the focus of people’s livelihood, what are the problems you feel urgent government departments to solve in the new year…… December 29th, the newspaper lasted four weeks a week to the provincial capital of, a survey of 5000 readers, the final vote in Xining in 2013 to focus on the topic of livelihood of the people. Among them, the air quality, road reconstruction, government agencies ranked three in the top three, respectively, the total number of votes of the total number of 36%, 21%, followed by the layout of education, price stability, housing security, accounting for the proportion of 13.5%, respectively, 7%, 5%.

in recent years, Xining people are more concerned about stable prices, food and drug safety and other topics are different, in 2013, pure air, blue sky has become the most talked about, the most talked about topic. In the newspaper in Simon’s survey, many readers do not hesitate in the "air quality" column in a "tick". "Friends and relatives in the past came to Xining, the most exaggerated is our air and blue sky, but this year the number of days of fog too much, standing on the north mountain to see, not previously translucent. Fortunately, the government adopted a series of measures to improve the environment, because the air directly affects everyone’s health, not health, do what is of no use." Chen Yongning’s speech, said a lot of people’s voices. Many participate in voting activities of readers said that in 2013 only to see the municipal government to control air pollution determination, also see the efforts of the relevant departments, I hope the new year in Xining City, the air quality can once again return to become Xining people proud of the name card "".

road reconstruction is also one of the focus of attention of the people’s livelihood. Voting activities, especially the East District readers felt this year road expansion brings convenience, mutual Road, Golog Road, every road extension to the surrounding thousands of residents brought benefits, many readers left after the speech, also wrote "advice column" zip road "clearly suggest the government the accountability system" and "new roads should be divided into non motorized vehicles, from field set bike rental, we advocate cycling and other comments.

in addition, the government organs style, educational layout, stable control prices, housing security and other topics of heat than the previous years, the general reflection of the reader is much higher. "This year, from the central to the provincial and municipal authorities, there are great changes, leading" down to earth ", in order to truly understand the sufferings of the masses, many units of high efficiency a lot, attitude is kind, in short, hope this momentum can continue." Retired cadres Shen Yongling said.

in fact, the focus of attention of the people, but also the focus of government and functional departments. In Xining this year, ahead of schedule and exceeded ten categories of 58 projects, each project, are based on the full investigation of public opinion, focus on arrangements and be resolved, and the government each year more than 80% of the financial resources, to improve people’s livelihood. It is understood that next year, Xining will be more concerned about the micro livelihood, the focus of the work will be specific to a road, a lamp, a hotline, etc., for the people really want to do for the people. Today, the newspaper also on this;

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