From the source of good security Kansai Ning Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out food hygiene in

in August 25th, by the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision staff, Xining Municipal People’s Congress, the Xining municipal CPPCC consists of the inspection team to Qinghai Wahaha Food Co. Ltd. and other beverage production enterprises, the food security situation of enterprises made a special inspection.

the special inspections focus on examination of production of dairy products, meat products, beverages, rice products, soy sauce, vinegar, wine and other food enterprises. On the day of the special inspection, the staff of the enterprise to see the raw material library, the key control points in the production workshop, laboratory, sample room, etc., and access to the various systems and records. In the laboratory, the staff suggested that some enterprises to improve ventilation facilities.

at present, Xining city food processing enterprises 285, through the efforts, although the quality and safety awareness of most of the food production and processing enterprises responsible person has significantly improved, food sampling rate also increased year by year, but part of the food production and processing enterprises are still illegal use of food additives, product purchase is not strict, not factory the phenomenon of inspection. In the future, in addition to a special holiday, during the important activities to carry out food inspection, Xining quality supervision departments will carry out a food safety inspection activities every two months to ensure food safety.


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