Nearly 30 countries and regions to determine the more than and 120 companies to participate in the F

Different color, different languages, foreign businessmen shuttle in the exhibition, is a landscape of the Qing food exhibition, but also the most direct manifestation of the international food exhibition. 2014 clean food exhibition still outstanding professional and international characteristics, inviting international customers, as of now, has identified more than and 120 enterprises nearly 30 countries and regions to help out this clean food exhibition, the majority of representatives of participating merchants and people will enjoy more and more out of the ordinary exotic delicious halal.

compared to other major economic and trade exchanges in the province, the food show more international characteristics, each year during the exhibition will have a large number of foreign participants, exhibitors and buyers. At present, the exhibition has become one of the eight international halal food exhibition, the international reputation is becoming more and more prosperous, many domestic and foreign merchants and Muslim enterprises to participate in the exhibition.

it is understood that from the beginning of November last year, the Qing food exhibition organizing committee will actively carry out international investment in the breeze, to Pakistan, Iran, United Arab Emirates organization to carry out investment in the breeze, and by the Malaysia Halal Food Expo publicity campaign so as to usher in more international businessmen to pave the way for wide. With the 2014 Qing food exhibition held near, has identified more than and 120 companies in 30 countries and regions participating, including Pakistan, Turkey will be special national pavilion, Pakistan and Iran will also be held during the exhibition in the National Day activities, and some countries and regions, and enterprises are gradually approached.

addition, the domestic 28 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) will be a group of exhibitors, nearly 500 exhibitors, including Henan, Hunan, Xinjiang, Hebei and other provinces (autonomous regions) will be special display. Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Limited by Share Ltd, Thailand Zhengda Group, Henan Shuanghui investment development Limited by Share Ltd, Master Kong Holdings Co., Ltd. and other well-known domestic enterprises participating. Two provinces and cities in the province and the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone will organize enterprises to carry out special display, nearly 100 exhibitors enterprises.

at present, the exhibition preparatory work has entered the countdown, the provincial commerce department and the provincial council are stepping up efforts to promote exhibition exhibition, promotion and matchmaking, special events, business services and other preparatory work.


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