2010 Xining green highlights

The working meeting of the Municipal Forestry Bureau

held in December 31, 2009, this year the city greening highlights the construction of the city, a number of city landscape greening project will be implemented, not only for the city streets add how much more beautiful, but also provide a good place for leisure.

highlights one: to build 5 city Yingbin avenue. Good road, Ning Bayi Lu, Nanchuan Road, South Road, Xichuan Qaidam Road 5 city entrance road greening work, with tall pine, flowers, brilliant purples and reds beautiful green belt will be the 5 road construction has become a green shade, surrounded by scenic landscape channel.

highlights two: the construction of Beishan geological park scenic spots. We will continue to carry out the greening project of the dangerous area in the north of the mountains, create a high standard of urban landscape green space, improve the planning and design of the Beishan Geological Park, and start the construction of scenic spots.

highlight three: complete Begonia Park planning. Intends to build a new park in the small bridge – Begonia Park, this year will be completed in the design and construction of high standard Begonia Park preliminary work, and strive to start construction during the year.

highlights four: vigorously implement clove planting project. With the flower festival atmosphere, to further increase the clove planting efforts, in the urban main road, square, park, garden greenbelt, unit courtyard large area planting cloves, clove scent, Mancheng to form a unique landscape.

highlights five: to further increase the highway, along the river green landscaping. Do the greening of Chaoyang Xi Huang expressway section, Golmud railway DOPA City, West Sichuan Huangshui River wetland, Nanchuan River Jiefangqu to gardener plot, Beichuan River section.

highlights six: strive to create a successful national green model city. At present, the city has submitted a declaration to the national Greening Committee Office of the material, the creation of national green model city work into the reporting process. At the same time, this year the city will send technical personnel to complete the planning and construction of the Xi’an World Horticultural Expo Xining garden, through the horticultural platform to showcase Xining green style.


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