Free pre pregnancy eugenic health examination projects benefit rural couples chase

The health examination program of free pre pregnancy

by the national population and Family Planning Commission, the Ministry of Finance jointly organized and implemented, mainly to meet the family planning policy and plan to pregnant rural couples to provide quality health education, counseling, physical examination, clinical laboratory examination service. Check the project a total of 19 items, each couple free pre pregnancy health examination funds paid by the government in full, the service of the masses do not pay any fees.

Datong County, the country’s free pre pregnancy health examination program pilot counties, according to statistics, nearly more than 5 thousand couples in the county in line with the free inspection of the project target population. According to the inspection project target population much, Datong County Health Department of the relevant departments to strictly in accordance with provincial population unified arrangements, early arrangements, early action, take the county family planning service station centralized examination and prenatal health examination service car to the Township home inspection and a series of effective measures to steadily promote the project work smoothly.

as of now, the county has 760 pairs of pregnant couples plan to pre pregnancy health examination. Through this service, to further improve the level of scientific knowledge of eugenics of couples planning a pregnancy, pre pregnancy increased awareness of risk prevention, the couples planning a pregnancy health improved, preventing the occurrence of birth defects, improve the quality of the birth population.


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