Establish the provisions of the moment to promote the implementation of the responsibility of povert

to conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in the spirit of the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress in Qinghai delegation’s speech, Qinghai Province issued "impoverished county poverty alleviation performance assessment methods" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), 7 counties of the province’s six mountain within the area (District), 30 counties in Tibet 6 states (city), and the area outside the 2 key poverty-stricken counties, a total of 39 counties for poverty alleviation assessment, urged responsibility goal, to ensure the completion of the task of poverty alleviation.

based on the actual situation in Qinghai, to determine the indicators. In order to achieve precise force, accurate assessment, accurate poverty, focus on the provincial government proposed the "group of eight" and "ten special poverty reduction action plan", focusing on the assessment of Poverty Alleviation (precise poverty, poverty alleviation county) and comprehensive security evaluation index involves two categories, the annual poverty reduction task, precise identification and easily relocated, the transfer of employment, education, medical insurance and subsistence allowances, miscellaneous relief, poverty alleviation, financial infrastructure, public service, business development and market of electronic system construction, renovation of dilapidated buildings, ecological protection and industrial added value, per capita disposable income index, financial income, tourism, deepening the reform of 36 overall and 57 indicators of poverty alleviation and comprehensive security assessment of the weight ratio of 70%: 30%.

strict examination procedures, clear evaluation grades. Poverty alleviation and the province’s leading bodies and leading cadres of the annual target responsibility (performance) evaluation simultaneously, based on strengthening the daily assessment of the more prominent, the annual assessment, from 39 counties (urban) control objectives and tasks of the year, the examination content and evaluation criteria, self-assessment, leak filled, report form. The province’s leading bodies and leading cadres of the annual target responsibility assessment group, according to the good (not less than 90 points), good (80-89), (70-79), low (below 70) 4 grades, take listening to the reports, access to information, field view and mass interviews, the poor counties (urban) the annual performance of a comprehensive assessment of poverty alleviation. The Audit Department of the discipline inspection and supervision organs, and found major irregularities and violations, or media exposure, causing adverse effects, shall be rated as excellent grades.

adhere to the performance oriented, strengthen the use of results. Adhere to the evaluation process and results in close connection with the application, the examination results as an important basis for the assessment of poverty alleviation Jiangyoufalie, named outstanding county (city), the provincial government shall be commended and rewarded, in finance special poverty relief funds allocation and project arrangement, reward and tilt, use of party chief and responsible for poverty alleviation the comrades working as the general order of priority promoted; the county (city), the work of party chief in charge of poverty alleviation and comrades, admonishing conversation, not to promote the use of horizontal exchange to other positions or within a year; as poor grades of the county (city), the work of party chief in charge of poverty alleviation and development Comrade, take demotion, removal and other measures of poverty alleviation organization; lack of attention, the style is not solid, the effectiveness is not obvious to the county (city) Party Chief of organization and adjustment of accountability;

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