A town Baoziwan machine community held the moon cake the Mid Autumn Festival Forum

in the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to let area residents have a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, Baoziwan town machine community held on September 28th "mid autumn moon cake, words" forum. The forum, community Party committee invited the area of the old party members and representatives of residents, as a tool of community since the beginning of this year, the effectiveness and deficiencies in the construction of the party, the residents committee construction and living conditions of the residents had a discussion, comments and suggestions related to the community the next step forward the party representatives and representatives of local residents. Lay a good foundation for community development work. After the end of the discussion, a machine tool community immediately carried out the Mid Autumn Festival condolences to the area of low-income families, disabled people sent to the moon cake and other condolences.


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