Our province to carry out the field of financial non metal mine safety observation

"in particular, thunderstorms must not carry out blasting operations…… When you check the work in the future, it is necessary to investigate these 6 prohibitions." October 24th, in the province of non metallic open pit mine safety production site to observe the meeting, is the 79 year old state administration of work safety technical adviser Chen Yiqiang repeatedly told.

to further implement the "safety production law" and the provincial government on strengthening the safety production work of decision-making arrangements, the provincial production safety supervision and administration innovation supervision mode, organization of the province is the production of 55 financial nonmetal opencast mining enterprises and safety management at all levels of the staff to the number of non coal mines more Haidong the public and the Hui and Tu Autonomous County and Qilian Mountains India Cements Limited Beishan mining field learning marble.

at the scene, 5 experts from the third sides of the production safety experts on the principles of mining, daily regulatory matters, such as piercing blasting technology to give a brief explanation. From a Qinghai cement Limited by Share Ltd responsible person are thrilled to say, "look at the scene of other companies how to do, we can help each other, coupled with the expert’s explanation is very concise and to the point to remember, the effect is certainly better than sitting in a conference room meeting, hope to carry out this activity." In this regard, the province of non coal mine safety experts group leader Yu Xiaofeng said, through on-site observation, experience exchange, accident warning, policy interpretation, production safety supervision and management institutions at all levels of staff and business owners have more emotional awareness on the "safety production law". At the same time, safety experts also introduced the experience in the field, which is more conducive to the members of the national safety technical code for understanding, not only can promote safe production of advanced experience, promote the implementation of the work of production safety, but also enhance the safety supervision mechanism and the management level of enterprises, effectively prevent and curb all kinds of accidents.


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