Food safety incidents occurred during the Halal Food Exhibition

2010 halal food and supplies exhibition in August 2nd ended, as do the food security work during the Expo, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau careful arrangements, health supervision departments at all levels of the organization before the inspection, will inspect the way, during the exhibition of staff and hotel guests, halal catering units and the train station, south of the city the New International Exhibition Center and other venues around the night market snacks, etc. with the national characteristics of catering service units to carry out supervision and inspection work. Focus on the procurement of food raw materials, food and beverage industry in the use of food and raw materials required for verification, the catering units used must be fresh, no distribution of the "three noes" products, management and use is strictly prohibited "drainage oil", corruption, deterioration, expired meat, cold dishes and other semi-finished products. At the same time the catering units should strengthen the health management of its own, maintain the operation between the internal and external environment clean, and make timely cleaning and disinfection tableware cleaning work; classification of food storage, separate raw and cooked, flies, dust, rodents, cockroaches and other protection facilities in place, disposable tableware use must comply with the hygiene requirements. Inspection, health supervision departments at all levels also increased the focus during the exhibition of "food street" event and provide room service catering units of food safety inspections, undertake "food street" and undertake the task of catering units in the room in time to correct, and ordered its immediate rectification. During the period from July 28th to August 2nd, the city dispatched health supervision personnel 160 passengers, vehicles 40 times, inspection of all types of food service units and more than 1500 times. 57 food and beverage units in the presence of food safety risks to be warned and ordered to correct administrative penalties. Through the inspection and after the statistics, this year halal food and supplies exhibition, food and beverage industry in the city did not happen food poisoning and major food safety incidents.


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