How many people are there in Qinghai now

area of 720 thousand square kilometers, ranking the country’s fourth place in Qinghai, the population in the end how much? According to the Provincial Bureau of statistics released the 1% national population survey data show that the main data show that at 0:00 on November 1, 2015, the province’s resident population of 5 million 876 thousand people. Compared with the November 1, 2010 at the sixth national population census of the resident population of 5 million 626 thousand and 700 people, 5 years a total increase of 249 thousand and 300 people, an increase of 4.43%, the average annual growth rate of 0.87%, the total population of the low growth to some extent alleviate the population pressure on resources, environment and economy, promote the improvement of people’s living standard.

average household population of 3.46 people per household

resident population of the province has 1 million 588 thousand and 600 households, household population of 5 million 496 thousand and 600 people, with an average household population of about 3.46 people, with the 2010 national census of the sixth flat.

total population sex ratio within the normal range of

resident population in the province, the male population of 2 million 998 thousand and 300 people, accounting for 51.03%; female population of 2 million 877 thousand and 700 people, accounting for 48.97%. The overall sex ratio of the population (100 for women, and the proportion of men to women) decreased from 2010 to 104.19 in the sixth national census in. The overall sex ratio of the population fluctuated within the normal range.

province into the aging society

resident population in the province, 0-14 years old population of 1 million 169 thousand and 300 people, accounting for; 15-64 year old population of 4 million 273 thousand and 600 people, accounting for 72.73%; the age of more than 65 years of age and population of more than 433 thousand and 100 people, accounting for 7.37%. Compared with the 2010 sixth national census, the population aged 0-14 decline in the proportion of 1.02 percentage points, down 15-64 year old population proportion of 0.05 percentage points, the proportion of 65 aged 65 and above population increased by 1.07 percentage points, according to data, has entered the aging society in Qinghai province. The rapid aging of population age structure poses a challenge to the economic and social development of Qinghai and the development of the elderly.

– minority population accounted for 47.71%

resident population in the province, the Han population of 3 million 72 thousand and 600 people, accounting for 52.29%; ethnic minority population of 2 million 803 thousand and 400 people, accounting for 47.71%. Of which 1 million 482 thousand and 500 were Tibetans, accounted for 25.23%; 868 thousand and 500 Hui people, accounting for 14.78%; the 208 thousand and 400 people, accounting for 3.55%; 113 thousand and 400 Salar people, accounting for 1.93%; 105 thousand and 900 Mongolian people, accounting for 1.80%; 24 thousand and 700 people of other ethnic minorities accounted for 0.42%. Compared with the sixth national census in 2010, the Han population increased by 89 thousand and 100, an increase of 2.99%; the national minority population increased by 160 thousand and 200, an increase of 6.06%.

five urban population increased by 439 thousand and 300;

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