Agricultural super docking farmers directly to the people of Xining serving

Hui Tian agricultural greenhouse planting base, red tomatoes particularly attractive. From the selection of quality seeds cultivated in a greenhouse, after a long period of intensive care, received many pesticide residues and shipped to the supermarket.

inside a piece of laughter. A basket of tomatoes, fresh and delicious, a radish stem in fat, a stretch of tonghaosu gratifying…… In the base, can be seen here to purchase a variety of pollution-free fresh vegetables procurement staff. Here the vegetable trading is particularly busy, just from the base of picking fresh vegetables to detection, packaging, weighing, Qin a thin staff sweat on his forehead.

supermarket buyers said that the price of 20 kinds of vegetables are cheaper than the market price of 20% to 30%. Cheap food sales are good, attracting the surrounding communities of consumer groups. Just pick a few hours of food, they went into the public basket, which is a welcome change in agricultural super docking. Supply chain is simplified, from farm to supermarket, the cost dropped 20% to 30%. Due to shorten the delivery time, vegetables are more fresh, people can eat at ease.

citizens Li Dongxue Nanshan Road near the supermarket to buy cheap food. More than and 30 pounds of food, only spent a total of 30 dollars, enough for the whole family to eat a few days." After the agricultural super docking, fresh vegetables every morning at 9 shelves, many people early in the morning waiting at the supermarket door.


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