Notice on ssuing the measures for the administration of lawyers’ business archives

on the issuance of the "lawyer business archives management measures" Notice of the   the County Bureau of justice, the law firms: the "measures" management of business archives lawyers issued to you, please strictly comply with the implementation of various units.     two May 21st, one or two
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: Lawyer archives management notice of the Provincial Justice Department, the Political Department of the Provincial Justice Department, provincial Notary Association, municipal Party committee, municipal government, City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal committee, municipal committee team built, Chuangxian do. Send: Municipal Supervision Room, the municipal government information office. Xining Notary Association   May 21, 2012 issued   a total of 40 copies
lawyer business archives management method chapter I General Provisions
the first to strengthen the scientific management of business lawyers archives, unified lawyer business archives management system, according to the "People’s Republic of China Archives Law" and relevant regulations, combined with the actual work of lawyers, formulated.

second file is the real record of business lawyers lawyers engaged in business activities, is an important national professional archives, has important reference value in use, storage, finishing a good lawyer business archives is a law firm (legal advisory office) the important task.

third LLP (legal advisory office) shall be equipped with full-time or part-time archivists, conditions should be gradually set up archival institutions, responsible for the centralized management of the lawyer business archives.

The responsibilities of the
fourth law firm () file and file management are:

A, collection, sorting, storage and statistics of the (Office) of the relevant files and data files to ensure the integrity and security;

two, and actively carry out the utilization of the archives, to provide services for lawyers to carry out business;

three, guide, supervise and inspect the lawyer filing of the lawyer business documents materials;

four, the appraisal of archives, and in accordance with relevant state regulations to the transfer of the archives archives;

five, accept the business guidance, supervision and inspection of the administrative department of judicial organs and local archives, archives regularly report;

six, complete other tasks assigned by the leadership of the relevant archives.The second chapter: receiving the

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