26 Music Festival struck you ready

July 26th, 2014 colorful music festival is about to open, Nanshan park will usher in a true sense of the rock carnival. The colorful music festival not only through the "green" concept, but also will launch i-Mart, national art exhibition, low-carbon travel and other special activities, bring the visual and auditory feast for the general public and tourists.

it is understood that this music festival will be innovative use of not selling tickets to the fans, creating a new mode of music festival. City Science and Technology Tourism Bureau official said, by landing the phone micro-blog, WeChat, scan two-dimensional code or concerned about its official micro-blog, WeChat to participate in special events, buy music festival tickets. Fans said that rock music carries too many memories of youth, but also touched the influence of many young fans.

the festival activities for the time from July 26th to July 27th, every day from the beginning of the 14, will be staged a wonderful show. This festival is not only a musical and cultural feast, is a respected green philosophy perfect fusion, organizers urged the public to low-carbon travel, I hope you walk or ride a bike to the scene, that repeated use of disposable cups, and in the end to enjoy music, will waste away from the scene, and threw it at the designated place.

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