Fresh vegetables from afar

Rich food basket, a sumptuous table, is the people’s top priority, the municipal government has always been concerned about the people, food basket as a priority. Xining city in the party’s mass line of educational practice, to "1346" activities as the carrier, the price problem focus on the concerns of the masses, according to the demands of the masses, pay attention to "firmly guarantee market supply, accelerate the construction of the enclave economy, and establish long-term relationship with Sichuan Deyang, Pengzhou, Sichuan Everfount transport vegetables in the market. The people of Xining on the table with the attendance of all kinds of fresh vegetables, the government do everything possible to ensure market supply and price stability control to see.

Xining to ensure the supply of vegetables, the maximum for the "rear garden", let Xining this plateau city at any time can keep fresh vegetables supply, in recent years, Xining and Sichuan in Deyang, Pengzhou to build a bridge of vegetables transported thousands of miles away, lettuce, broccoli, white gourd, garlic and other vegetables in these field distribution the center of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau has been specializing in agricultural and sideline products selling area, every day came from Sichuan vegetable carts continue to be transported to the vegetable market in Xining, Xining people’s tables a lot of rich.

the self-sufficiency rate of vegetables, vegetable supply and price by the origin of climate change, cost, transportation cost and other factors, the price of vegetables has become a pain in the hearts of the people, how to make people really eat cheap food and vegetables? In recent years, in our city to ensure market supply, increase efforts to reduce the flow of foreign food transportation links, maximize the benefit to the people of Sichuan, with richly endowed by nature climate conditions, to establish relations of cooperation, a bridge between Xining and Sichuan vegetables, the people of Xining Deyang and Pengzhou two vegetable garden.The

– Deyang vegetables direct supply Xining: at present, our city vegetable marketing major and Deyang urban counties 30 professional cooperatives, production base, vegetable grower has signed the agreement amounted to 600 million yuan. Since August last year, the two have been built specifically for vegetable base 50 thousand acres, of which the facility core vegetable base of 5 thousand acres, the organization of more than 20 varieties of nearly 100 thousand tons of vegetable supply in Xining and the provinces around the market.

– every day flying 300 tons of Pengzhou Cuisine: from December 15th last year, I signed a long-term supply of vegetables and the Pengzhou municipal government strategic cooperation framework agreement. Daily delivery of vegetables from Pengzhou 300 tons, set up in the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural and sideline products distribution center in Pengzhou vegetable sales area, in order to enrich the masses table.Reduce the flow of the

to ensure market supply, in addition to create enclave economy, more important is to let the local food production will be increased, the greenhouse facilities, from the Xining area surrounding Baoziwan Tao Bei Village, to chase,;

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