October 7th at 24 o’clock after the toll gate to receive high speed tolls

the upcoming National Day holiday, will be the car Highway free "first time", free time, a wide range of vehicles have been published, but the people there are many problems: if in September 30th at 0:00 on the high speed, in October 7th 24 after the high speed, will collect tolls?

reporter learned yesterday from the provincial transportation department, the free time of the highway to the vehicle away from the export toll lanes of the time, the ordinary road to the vehicle through the toll station toll lane time shall prevail. In other words, during the toll on the highway, free period under the highway, will not charge; in turn, the free period on the high-speed, high-speed charging period, it is necessary to charge. Therefore, people do not have to wait until September 30th to zero after the speed, as long as the distance and time, October 7th before 24 at the exit of the toll station, you can enjoy free policy meets the conditions of free access vehicles entering the highway in the range of free passage of time, need to receive access cards, export return access card at the entrance. But do not need to pay. If the vehicle is in accordance with the free standard, the number of vehicles registered in the vehicle registration certificate shall prevail. Therefore, in order to avoid disputes, please take the driving license.

in order to ensure the smooth and safe road trip free, as in free time and free time before the start of two hours and two hours before the end of the highway, heavy traffic road and exit toll station, there will be traffic police on duty, if there is a vehicle to enjoy free access in high speed highway toll station or residence, or speeding and other violations will be punished according to law. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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