Chengdong heavy red line pollution control site

East District Governance area air pollution as one of the important content to carry out the party’s mass line of educational practice, focusing on the construction site, demolition site, bare land, sediment transport vehicles, mobile population, commercial market, dust pollution control difficult challenges, adhere to the "five the 100% requirement is not allowed to start, dust events must be strict penalties anti dust bottom line does not shake, so far this year, the region’s construction site, demolition site, road, bare land and dust control achieved remarkable results.

5 dust units were severely punished. Construction, demolition site must be unconditional to reach five, and approved by the construction, urban management department approved the only allowed to start, otherwise it will be subject to heavy penalties 100%. At present, is focused on the regulation of the high-speed road along the sides, Jianguo Road, south area of a number of sites, did not reach 5 units without conditions started a severe punishment and supervision, in the industry has been criticized. On this basis, the removal of government investment and bare garbage on the ground, and the bare land covered enclosure.

dust sites, muck car pay a heavy price. The district urban construction supervision team leader Ma Zhen introduced, recently, Urban Construction Supervision Brigade in the carpet inspection on the area of nearly 150 excavation, demolition site, launched two large-scale campaigns, a total of 10 inspections found that the phenomenon of dust pollution, dust enterprise is the most severe punishment, and dust guide. The district urban management department is night out of muck transport vehicle dust pollution situation, the organization to carry out special rectification action 6 times, night organization 5 times, transport vehicles more than 200 vehicles temporarily construction, to permit violations of the administrative penalty of 2000 yuan to 5000 yuan, received a total of 20 thousand yuan and pay fines. When the owner was criticized. In addition, the district is also a measure of dust removal is not up to the large abandoned soil field to shut down the rectification.

highway 15 km along the bare ground was covered. For the high-speed road along the Lanzhou second lane project, the transformation of the Xining Railway Station, Xining Railway Station and related engineering comprehensive renovation project such as railway construction, demolition and other project site carried out special rectification of temple ditch bridge to the small gap of about 15 km along the highway on both sides of unattended bare land were full coverage, on the road were hardened, set up vehicle washing equipment…… According to statistics, since the beginning of the year, the region has invested about 2000000 yuan to buy dust nets, covering a total of bare soil and land area of 67 thousand and 300 square meters.


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