Passenger traffic is expected to reach 1 million 150 thousand passengers to actively create a safe t

During the National Day holiday, the province’s road passenger traffic is expected to reach 1 million 150 thousand passengers. In order to ensure the safety of the people, convenient and orderly travel, the transport sector to optimize transport organization, strengthen security checks, strengthen road inspections and maintenance.

to ensure the safety of passengers and orderly travel, strengthen the dynamic monitoring of the passenger transport market and transportation enterprises, strengthen safety supervision of long-distance passenger transport, travel car, bus station and other sources, to ensure passenger safety, "go go convenient".

at the same time, the traffic department will earnestly implement the major holidays car toll free policy, from at 0:00 on October 1st to October 7th 24 at the end of 7 and the following 7 small passenger toll free, the network toll stations in free time, two hours before the end of the paper on the pass, to ensure the stability of the charging order good.

in addition, the highway maintenance department in advance of the highway and its ancillary facilities for a comprehensive preventive safety inspection. (author: Jia Ming)


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