How to carry out comprehensive innovation reform in Sichuan

innovation has become a topic of the times, in the current trend, positive innovation, seek development and change, in order to adapt to the development needs of the market. So, how to carry out a comprehensive innovation in Sichuan reform? The following and small series of specific understanding.

7 4, the Sichuan system to promote comprehensive innovation reform pilot program was formally approved by the state council. From the approval of the State Council of the 8 regional plan, Sichuan is the 4 provincial administrative regions, only one was asked on accelerating the development of deep integration and to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation areas, and accelerate the development of deep integration is the most distinctive Sichuan promote comprehensive innovation experiment. This means that the integration of military and civilian integration is a major focus of innovation in Sichuan.

Sichuan is a large province of national defense and military enterprises, not only the total amount of gate class, their development level is very high. What is the engine of full innovation reform? How to use the depth of civil military integration, and how to get people to join the army interactive window? How about the development in three coordinated development? Huaxi Dushi Bao interview with the relevant person in charge and experts, this interpretation. Recently, the province will hold a special meeting to promote the system to carry out comprehensive innovation and reform work to mobilize the deployment of comprehensive innovation and reform will be further promoted.

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replied that the comprehensive reform of the system to promote the reform of Sichuan test, will focus on accelerating the integration of military and civilian depth. The development of positioning itself and the Sichuan agree without prior without previous consultation. "13th Five-Year" plan, Sichuan province put forward clearly, the comprehensive reform of the province’s innovation "a project" and the top priority.

Liu Dong, director of the Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology, said in an interview with the West China Metropolis Daily reporter, to promote the reform of comprehensive innovation experiment, the characteristics and highlights of Sichuan in the integration of military and civilian. The next step in our province will accelerate the construction of the civil military integration system, accelerate the industrial development of civil military integration innovation, accelerate innovation of civil military integration development mechanism, accelerate the establishment of civil military integration core carrier four aspects, to promote the depth development of civil military integration.

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how to do the "army" and "conversion" depth? Chen Xin, director of the Commission by letter of Sichuan Province, it seems, people join the army refers to mobilize the enthusiasm and ability of social enterprises in Sichuan, to participate in the construction of national defense. Fully mobilize social resources to achieve coordinated development of private enterprises and military enterprises. National defense and military enterprises have good technology and products, some of which are also available in the civilian market. For example, Mianyang which is the authority in nuclear technology, its civilian nuclear technology have a great market in sterilization, detection, medical treatment, this is the "focus on the development of enterprises". To support the transformation of national defense enterprises, Sichuan has developed a special plan for the integration of military and civilian depth development.

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