Let the behavior and the summer with the Xining trade unions organized etiquette knowledge competiti

to create a national civilized city of Xining mobilization meeting sounded the clarion call to the civilized city, will be held in Xining, "let the behavior with the United States and the summer" series of activities to create. Union City take the lead in June 29th and 30, held the city workers "behavior and the summer with the" civilized etiquette knowledge contest to pre finals, civilization began in the heart, creating practice in line.

in the two days of the final, from Xining city public security, urban management, health, vocational education, private enterprises, such as all walks of life in the 28 units of the delegation of 84 people participated in the competition. Team members from complying with social etiquette, etiquette principle, smile what are the good effect, the program for improving civic morality, solidarity, the meaning of traditional etiquette culture in social status in what role, foreign etiquette principle be neither humble nor pushy and other issues through personal will, group A, and answer questions of risk four aspects of the fierce competition. Finally, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau, Xining City, the first occupation technical school, Xining City Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau and Xining municipal Party school, Xining City, Kangtai Property Management Co. Ltd., Qinghai Jinguang nickel chromium Material Co. Ltd. on behalf of the team won the 123 prize.


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