Huangzhong a comprehensive ecological beauty of the county seat

this year, Huangzhong county will further increase the ecological environment construction and protection, and actively strive for the project, efforts to promote ecological afforestation, soil and water conservation, pollution control work, to create a full range of ecological beauty of Huangzhong.

increase the forestry ecological greening, Huangzhong county will implement 120 million yuan investment in the "Three North" Shelterbelt Project, forest afforestation and other 8 high standards for the implementation of forestry ecological project; investment of 43 million 240 thousand yuan of land remediation, Tumen Guan Xiang Li Jiashan Zhuang Cun Zhen Liu Shu three high standard basic farmland consolidation project, land 1776 ha; for the implementation of 102 million yuan investment in the green mine project, centralized management for the development of mineral resources (sand) of topography vegetation and river ecological destruction.

to strengthen water conservancy construction, Huangzhong County for the implementation of the comprehensive management project of the west basin of Huangzhong County Nachuan investment 12 million 500 thousand yuan; for the implementation of the West Nachuan reservoir, 585 million yuan investment in the long jump, before the sheep reservoir, reservoir and river flood control management group 12 reservoir reinforcement project for the whole river drains; for the implementation of the investment of 86 million 990 thousand yuan Huangzhong County, efficient water-saving irrigation projects in key counties, the Israeli government loan project Huangzhong County agricultural water conservancy facilities supporting the project, Huangzhong county basic rations projects 6 water conservation projects for the implementation of farmland water conservancy; 7 million 267 thousand and 800 yuan investment in the group with Tibetan Township five village, Town Village Shibangou DOPA drinking water project.

continued to carry out the comprehensive management of air pollution, improve the dynamic inspection mechanism and long-term supervision mechanism, strict implementation of the project access system of two high and one low "industry, urging backward technology, serious pollution of the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and actively promote energy-saving technology, energy saving main production line as the focus, from the implementation of the new technology to use new technology. The implementation of energy saving projects; continue to do a good job in construction sites, industrial and mining enterprises, coal piling places the comprehensive management of key areas of pollution work, the full implementation of the" five 100% "requirements, and strengthen road dust control, centralized management to promote the coal market construction, and actively guide enterprises scattered into the business centralized trading market norms; Xi Bao area of various types of business concrete enterprises to do the main pollutant discharge standards; the 22 units of 27 43.5 tons of steam boiler into Coal to gas.

currently, Huangzhong is taking a variety of ways to control pollution. For the implementation of DOPA Metro investment of 152 million yuan sewage pipe network project, 9 million yuan investment in the life of Tian Jia Zhai Zhen landfill and environmental sanitation projects and investment of 4 million 925 thousand and 700 yuan in Sanjiang Source Industrial Park sewage engineering; strictly implement the construction project environmental impact assessment and the "three simultaneous" system, crack down on illegal sewage behavior; carry out the "family circle beautify the action, in the completion of the landscaping project plateau beautiful countryside greening and located around the main scenic spots, transportation and leisure park, the main town in key areas, such as the implementation of urban and rural residential area, landscape engineering quality and planting flowers, and concentrate on improving the living garbage and white pollution, and comprehensively improve the level of urban and rural greening and beautification; carry out rural garbage in 50 villages to collect and concentrate;

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