21 new regulations at the grassroots level most of the people of the community work thumb

community is one of the most closely linked with the masses of the window units, the quality of the community work style directly affects the satisfaction of the masses of government work. January 25th, the reporter visited the provincial capital part of the community, the majority of community workers to understand the enthusiasm of the masses, the majority of the community expressed satisfaction with the work of the community.

70 year old woman thumbs up

the morning of January 25th, a gray haired old lady, teeter into the lane Lei new bridge community capital. Just a door, a community staff to stand up and greet each other warmly: "aunt, you come, you want to do what?"

granny told the staff, she came to ask his wife’s old age bank card subsidies have not yet received. Originally, this old woman surnamed Zhou and his wife have more than and 70 years old, last year, they also submitted to the community for the old age allowance, week old bank card already in hand, but his wife’s bank card has not received.

community staff said: "Auntie, you sit for a while, we look for you." Holding the old man sat down, the staff asked the name of his wife Zhou, began to query on the computer. After a while, the staff told the inquiry after weeks old, the new bridge community a total of more than one thousand elderly for high necked subsidy procedures, but there are more than one hundred and twenty elderly people due to identity discrepancies, procedures by the bank back, week old wife is one of them. Currently, the community has re checked the identity information of these elderly, reported to the relevant departments, the bank card is being handled.

weeks old granny thumbs up to reporters, said: every time to the community, the staff are very enthusiastic about such a community, such staff, I am very satisfied."

is also a warm and thoughtful

in the morning, the reporter also visited the Chinese lane two Lane Lane Lane community.

at the entrance to the community, the reporter followed a citizen into the community, just a door, a community staff asked us with a smile to deal with what. It turned out that the public is to ask the way, he said, he wants to be located in the two lane of a courier company, want to ask the location of the courier company.

community staff told him that out of the community door, go east, south of the road there is a yard, the courier company in the hospital. Asked the way to the public happy to say thank you. Community workers say, you’re welcome, it’s nothing.

reporter saw the staff in the community are very busy, some people fill in the report, someone on the Internet registration information, as well as a staff member is making a phone call. The reporter listened carefully, the original staff was informed that some residents to the community to receive the bank card of the old subsidy, after each call is connected, the staff of the language, tone are more standardized.

reporter observed in the Chinese Lane Community for more than half an hour, see;

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