2009 Xining land revenue 549 million yuan to stimulate economic growth

Learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources on

, 2009 in Xining City, a total of 128 cases of land supply, revitalize the stock of assets of about 549 million 440 thousand yuan, complete the objectives and tasks of 422.65%. One of the operating land to achieve the 100% strokes to sell the transfer, the realization of land leasing 510 million 250 thousand yuan, nearly 5 times the previous year. To ensure that land transactions more open, fair and transparent, while stimulating the continued growth of the city’s economy, but also the government’s land revenue increased significantly.

2009, I stepped up efforts to revitalize the stock of assets, has formulated the "Xining city construction with 9 systems to grant supervision system", set up a land reserve and land auction commission, collective research, collective plan and determine the reserve auction price, guarantee the land transfer work open transparent, the total supply of land 128, an area of 3012 acres. Revitalize the stock of assets of about 549 million 440 thousand yuan. The bidding auction listing (including transfer) land 57, an area of 2201 acres, the land premium 510 million 250 thousand yuan; the agreement to sell the land 57, an area of 302 acres, the premium of 39 million 190 thousand; transfer of land 14, an area of 509 acres.


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