A road into the area to promote pragmatic cooperation

Belarus economic department, the UAE Ministry of economy and Czech Communist Party chairman invited the provincial Secretary of the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Luo Huining led a delegation to 15 days on July 6th for a friendly visit to the three countries. Focus on implementing the strategy of "The Belt and Road, Luo Huining and three related leaders, leaders of political parties on the development of bilateral relations, deepen inter party exchanges and exchange of views, to form a high degree of consensus. Delegation’s visit, a strong impetus to the province’s opening up and pragmatic cooperation.

White Party attaches great importance to the delegation, gave a high-level reception, white mainstream media have done a lot of reports on the delegation to visit. During the meeting, white said, is willing to actively participate in the construction of Silk Road Economic Belt, together for the benefit of the two peoples wish to help enterprises in Qinghai white investment, deepen exchanges and cooperation with Qinghai Province, expand bilateral local exchanges. White side of the delegation’s pragmatic work expressed high appreciation and hope that Qinghai will be white as a true friend and good partner to jointly prevent the color revolution. Bai Fang also invited the province to participate in the 2016 Brest Cultural Festival, and expressed the need to do a good job in Qinghai province and the establishment of friendly relations between the state and the state.

in China (Qinghai) during the Belarus economic and trade cooperation promotion and the characteristics of Qinghai commodity display, Belarus people from all walks of life to the advantage of Qinghai industry, the characteristics of goods showed a keen interest in the consultation, to discuss the project personnel and procurement of goods in a continuous line. The two sides signed a number of joint venture production agreement in the field of engineering construction, biological products, etc., on the province’s exports of carpets, liquor, wolfberry and other commodities signed a number of trade contracts.

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