1111 buses to install new eyes

March 7th, reporters from the city bus company was informed that in order to ensure the safe operation of the bus of my city, city traffic bureau plans to invest about 5000000 yuan for 1111 buses, each car installed 5 cameras, video surveillance coverage, the installation work will be completed in the near future.

according to the city bus company propaganda department official, in recent years, the bus driver was repeatedly stabbed passengers, stabbed and thieves in the bus theft and other events. The installation of the camera in the bus, mainly in order to better protect the safety of the bus lines and the safety of drivers, passengers. The 5 cameras installed in each car, of which the camera for the passengers in the car, the other 2 cameras are facing up and down the door, there are 1 cameras to the driver. The city’s 1111 buses, there are already part of the vehicle is installed, the installation of the remaining vehicles will be completed in the near future. According to the Municipal Transportation Bureau staff, the installation of the camera is currently more advanced, the definition is also very high, each camera monitoring range of 180 degrees.


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