Our new cadres with clean package

in order to improve law-abiding consciousness of the new leading cadres promoted the awareness of honesty in politics, to effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of violations of the law, the preparation of the "package City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau for the new leading cadres promoted".

low – the provisions of the new leading cadres promoted by the organization department after the conversation, honest conversation in the office of education before the unification to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the collective honest conversation, special circumstances can be individually conversation. The main contents of the conversation are: the organization to learn the relevant provisions of the leading cadres honest and clean; informed the discipline inspection and supervision organs in recent years to investigate and deal with the typical cases of discipline violations leading cadres. Xuan – a new promotion of leading cadres to take the oath of collective integrity, consciously abide by the provisions of clean politics, the initiative to accept the system of constraints and supervision of the masses, to ensure that the commitment to achieve self-discipline and other aspects. Commitment to clean the City Commission for Discipline Inspection 1 copies, I retain 1 copies. Honest examination: 58 county-level leading cadres organization of the city in July 2012 to June 2013 of any mention of the new focus on the training and the test of knowledge. Test results stored in individual files. The test failed or absent, second years to supplement the training exam. Learn through the clean politics seminar clean culture, calligraphy and painting exhibition, warning education audio-visual piece, warning education books, writing articles, listening to the theory of anti-corruption anti-corruption situation report, warning education base to visit and other forms, to carry out the warning education. (reporter correspondent correspondent Jia Quanjun)



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