How to open a home for their own shop

want to open a retail store, it is necessary to begin to consider a variety of issues, the location of the store location, store decoration problems, venture capital issues…… The most important thing is to open a shop for your shop, so you have the power to stick to it.

clear motive:

why shop?

before looking at the following content, please think about this question: why do you want to shop?


for families and shops is subsistence shops. The size of such shops are generally relatively small, the operator is also the main provider of services within the shop. The primary goal is to reduce business risk, because this kind of shops to assume responsibility for their families, can not afford a business failure.

One of the features of

this kind of shops is the capital, the limited size of the risk resisting ability is relatively poor, another notable feature is the persistent pursuit of business, because a lot of these shops are a family’s only source of income, for this kind of shop operators, sometimes lasting business than a profit the surge is more significant.



because investors are with their own funds as the main source of funding, investment so simple, low risk management and business operation is the main feature of investment type shops.

the above three types may not include all types of stores, but they represent a three types of motivation. For the purpose of this classification, in order to help readers to clearly prepared to open the shop, understanding the different motives of store funds, risk and management requirements, to avoid conflicts because actual choice and shop to cause trouble.

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