5 sections of the park will be built demonstration area

In order to further standardize the management behavior of the city parking lot, to the general public to create a good travel environment, from June onwards, the city in the cultural street, street, Court Street Yinma 5 road parking lot area to carry out demonstration activities, to make our city and gradually extended, parking lot management and service standard the institutionalization and legalization.

I with the increase of vehicle ownership, the contradiction between parking difficult, difficult parking, parking chaos increasingly prominent. The parking problem has become the focus of the general public, the difficulty of the management of the industry, the focus of social concern, causing the city government and relevant departments attach great importance to. To this end, approved by the municipal government, in March 2014 the formation of the Xining City Road Temporary parking management center.

in the parking lot of the activities to create demonstration area, parking management center requirements set up eye-catching publicity card charges, parking guidance signs, demonstration area signs, no parking warning signs, and ensure regional marking, marking berth visible; keep parking spaces and the surrounding ground clean, no pollution, sewage and air, cigarette butts, ash and scraps of paper, no dead angle of hygiene etc.. The toll to be certified, the dress code, civilized language, affable, top services, to prevent vehicle rub, guide vehicle access to parking spaces according to the specifications; earnestly implement the price department approved the charging time, scope and standards, shall not collect fees or charges do not tear the tickets, and provide regular fee bills to parking initiative. In the course of activities, management center of unscheduled inspection to the demonstration area, identify problems and timely rectification, the standard demonstration area has become the norm, driven by the operation and management of the city’s parking lot to a new level.