Four into the channel will be the forest embrace

to get the forest to embrace the city, Xining is committed to the forest to embrace the road. This year to create a national forest city just a horn sounded, my city with hitherto unknown strength, big investment, big, high standard greening and beautification of Xiping, West, Ning Expressway and Xi Huang highway four, pass into Xining on both sides of the 8000 acres of land will be infected with layers of green. Hundreds of kilometers across the channel, will become an ecological corridor, landscape Avenue and farmers to get rich road.

people in any direction from the future to enter Xining, whether you take the Nanjing Expressway or Xiping expressway, will feel the green embrace. From 2013 to 2015, I carry out a comprehensive road, river, mountain side, Tanabe quadrilateral green, this year plans to complete the "four" green 30 thousand acres, of which the most important job is to implement the four big green channel.

to allow the forest to embrace the four big channel is not easy, the implementation of the project by the provincial government at all levels and the relevant departments of the strong support. Forestry sector technical staff designed a reasonable construction model, the city is no longer simply planting green belts or street trees, but multi-level broadcast green. The first layer in the first column of highway planting more than seven or eight meters high of evergreen, second layer on both sides of the building is 30 meters wide wide green landscape with flowers, shrubs, evergreen broad-leaved trees, according to the film neatly arranged in seven or eight rows of planting in the green landscape with the land on the third layer, encourage the development of seedling industry, completed afforestation and seedling combination mode, thus attain the purpose of green side increased significantly, and adjusted the planting structure, but also led farmers to get rich.

at present, the city’s districts and counties have invested in the construction of a large green channel. April 16th, the reporter saw on the West Highway and other high speed, large trucks busy again and again, large cranes help large seedlings into the pit, the workers will be a spruce seedlings in place…… Construction scene particularly prosperous. City Forestry Bureau relevant responsible person said to the reporter, the green landscape with reasonable collocation of Joe, irrigation, grass, flowers, the coniferous trees reached about 50%, it can not only make the spring green, Xia Youhua, fruit in autumn and winter, there are green all the year round landscape is not monotonous. (author: small words)