Guangdong Province the pilot area to start the comprehensive demonstration of nclusive Finance

reporter learned from the Xining branch of the people’s Bank, in June this year, the people’s Bank of China in the province to carry out inclusive financial comprehensive pilot demonstration area and issued the "Qinghai province inclusive finance comprehensive demonstration zone pilot program", Qinghai become after Zhejiang Ningbo and Shaanxi Yijun County third approved to carry out a comprehensive pilot area inclusive finance. "Pilot program" proposed to deepen the financial support of precise poverty, promote green financial development, the promotion of financial technology, improve the basic financial services, strengthen publicity and education and scientific organizations to promote seven aspects, a total of 23 missions, and strive through 3 years of construction, the formation of financial support to the precise poverty and green development can be copied, can be extended the Qinghai model.

according to reports, the pilot construction of Qinghai province inclusive finance comprehensive demonstration area is a major exploration to deepen regional financial reform under the new situation, but also try to stimulate the vitality of the market an important financial area, to enhance the level of financial services, for the province to accelerate the construction of the "three zones", to promote financial reform and innovation, to achieve a win-win precise poverty and green development of great significance.

"pilot program" aimed at "precise poverty" and "green development", in order to inclusive financial help poverty alleviation and ecological protection as the goal, grasp the Qinghai Province, with much land and few people of many nationalities, important ecological value, the ecological construction of the arduous task of the special situation, precise docking financial needs, improve the financial support measures to alleviate poverty, improve availability financial services, the development of environment-friendly enterprise service ecological protection. Adhere to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, support different market players play advantage, improve the risk prevention and control measures, to form a multi-level, wide coverage, diversity, sustainable development of inclusive financial services system.

the people’s Bank of China Xining branch has been steadily advancing the construction of financial inclusive comprehensive demonstration area, formulate rules for the construction of the demonstration zone, establish communication and coordination mechanism, the initial formation of the Pratt & Whitney construction of financial comprehensive demonstration area work system.


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