Mass culture makes the masses the leader on the reform of cultural center in West District of Xin

as in previous years, Xining City West District Museum curator Wang Liping ushered in a busy summer — "Qing 71" large-scale theatrical performances, "flowers", the square dance fitness dance contest, opera performances, cool summer weekend homes for the welfare of the community, to show sympathy for art skills training……


over the years with a stick to make a few formal establishment, grassroots cultural centers even a decent room has become "advanced unit in the national cultural system reform work of grass-roots cultural cadres, happily as the leader of mass culture in Xining city"". In fact, more let her happy is: Xining City West District rely on the rich cultural heritage, vigorously carry out cultural Huimin engineering, the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the activities of the cultural community, rural residents continue to rise, the cultural creativity into full play.

culture, like a spring rain, silently moistens the west district this Feng Shui treasure".

if not personally see, many people would never think of a country named as the advanced unit is hidden in a humble old building, the total area of only more than and 370 square meters. The a rehearsal room only more than and 60 square meters, office, remedial classes are a common site…… Before the reform, we only have a formal establishment of the museum, basically do not participate in any cultural activities organized by the city. A room, a brand is the cultural center of all assets." Wang Liping describes the situation of the cultural museum before the reform.

As a scientific and commercial city in Qinghai Province, the west of the city of

has been developed for many years. It has made remarkable achievements in the economic and social development through the development of the third industry. Today, the city’s green trees, beautiful environment, rich natural and cultural landscape, is being more and more people understand and well known. And all this is also for the development of culture promising to create a broad space for development.

dilemma did not hinder the pace of reform of the cultural center of the west district and enthusiasm, but where to start?

Wang Liping, a retired elder sister can not forget to chat with her when the wish, "now a good day, no worries about food and clothing, want to learn to sing and dance."

let the masses themselves as the protagonist, the popularity of mass cultural activities, the idea gradually clear. The seeds of culture are not elsewhere, but in the hearts of the masses. The focus of cultural work is not only "down", but to take root, grow in the masses to create new forms, new vitality.

workers want to do good things, we must first benefit its device. The first step is to strengthen the team building, improve the service functions, to create a distinctive culture. According to the shortage of professional personnel, to further the introduction of high-quality team, the employ retired professionals and seconded related young professionals to improve the comprehensive talent service function. At the same time, continuous innovation of public cultural service means, adhere to the implementation of cultural Huimin engineering, open art training class, rich and active in their essence;

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