Datong County Employment Bureau supervision in the first half of the Township Employment

in order to fully grasp the progress of the first half of the Township Employment, and promote the effective implementation of the second half of the work. County Employment Bureau composed of inspection teams, starting in August 15, 2012, the use of 5 days time, the county’s 20 towns (communities) on the first half of 2012, the work of supervision. The establishment of the main implementation, the township in 2012 employment goals and tasks of the relevant documents (including the village level), township (community) full-time employment coordinators in place and working conditions, rural labor economy Association branch and other aspects of the preparations for the establishment of supervision.

through inspection, the township (community) on the employment work emphasis has been further strengthened, most of the township (community) employment officer in place and carry out related work, the work of information gradually standardize and improve. But there are also some problems that can not be ignored: one of the three basic accounting establishment is not perfect the transfer of a considerable part of rural labor, the low level of information technology; transfer of labor output no specific workers units; two is the village report poor sound ledger most towns, there is no perfect village reporting; three is all kinds of archives. Check, update is not timely; four is the employment officer job mobility, convergence is not smooth. The existing problems of the inspection team in a timely manner pointed out that the township (community) deadline for the implementation of the rectification, and the individual towns should be timely to look back". It is worthwhile to explore the work of individual towns, there are innovations, such as the new North Township, Huang Town, the establishment of labor force employment ledger relatively perfect and standardized.    


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