National Party newspaper jointly create the issue electricity supplier logistics new industry

7 31, sponsored by the Qinghai daily news conference of the national electricity supplier logistics conference in Xining. Held the first conference, marking the national party newspaper will be a full range of cooperation, to build logistics issue + electricity + + "new industrial model, joint exploration in the" Internet plus "era of the newspaper business upgrade.

The formation of the national party newspaper

electricity supplier logistics alliance, the national party newspaper industry transformation and upgrading of great significance, is a major event in the press, electric business, logistics industry, has the sense of milepost, will open a new chapter in the full range of pushing the development of the National Party newspaper. As a sponsor of Qinghai daily, nearly 80 leaders and 29 from the national and provincial Party newspaper subsidiary reported a total of 37 outlets are carefully discussed and passed the "National Party Constitution" and "logistics alliance Kunlun declaration of the national party newspaper electricity supplier logistics alliance".

in the "Internet plus" era, in the media impact of network media today, the party newspaper how to use their own advantages to upgrade? The newspapers are actively exploring. Qinghai daily will explore the path on the issue of reform. March 2014, the new Qinghai daily leading group analysis of the advantages and disadvantages, decided to issue reform as the practice of cultural reform, to explore the transformation and upgrading of the newspaper’s first reform. After January 14, 2015, the agency issued the "Qinghai daily" reform plan by the provincial Office approved the reform proposal. At present, the Qinghai daily issued reform effect has emerged, the steady increase of newspapers; to electronic business platform based newspaper industry to fill the blank of our province through the newspaper, Qinghai specialty network channel into the province township; distribution logistics network to express logistics industry based on Qinghai province become the highlights, rural counties to the construction of the five party logistics and distribution logistics network, the party newspaper in a wide and fast, the whole peak has been based for the province’s national radiation operation capacity, month distribution volume repeatedly over high; the issue of personnel income has steadily increased, the reform of the bonus shared by everyone.

National Party newspaper form logistics alliance, can make full use of the advantages, integration of resources, interoperability, build a comprehensive urban and rural areas, between provinces across the country Unicom, cross industry business logistics brand, formed around the party newspaper business logistics seamless coverage, the realization of products, agricultural products, superior products, product marketing throughout the country. To achieve zero distance logistics and express delivery, make industrial products to the countryside, let the agricultural city, play party newspaper for economic services, social services and social responsibility and public property.

During the

National Congress party logistics, the twenty-third National Party newspaper cooperation annual meeting held simultaneously, the national party newspaper issue in-depth exchange of work experience, and reward the 2015 to 2016 annual national provincial Party newspaper advanced individual and advanced collective, excellent thesis.


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